Mauser - German Kar98K

The German Kar98K was the standard issue rifle for the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine.

WW II German Kar98K with WW II German bayonet in its scabbard.

The Kar 98k was a shortened version of the Kar 98 used by the Germans in the first world war.  It was the standard German rifle of World War 2.  The Mauser design was very accurate, reliable, and had a smooth bolt action. 

Though stampings replaced several milled parts later in the war, quality of German Mausers remained high and even those made in 1945 were servicible.  

There are endless variations and there were over a dozen major manufacturers.  An extensive Kar 98k collection could have dozens of guns.  Many of these guns have had the Waffenamts and other German markings removed but recent imports from Russia still have the German markings.


Version - German Kar98K Rifle

Caliber - 8mm Mauser (7.92x57mm).

Receiver - Milled 

Bolt - Blackened with turned down handle.

Barrel - 23.4”.  

Overall Length - 43.7”.

Weight - 8.6 lbs.

Stocks - Laminated wood with bolt disassembly escutcheon on the butt.  Mid war style front stock cap.

Magazines - 5 rd integral box with stamped cover.

Sights - Notched Ladder and Hooded Post.

Bayonet - 9.9” Blade.

Kar98K in the middle with a Persian 98/29 above and a Serbian M48 below.

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