Mosin Nagant - M1944 Carbine

The M1944 Carbine was the final Russian M1891 carbine variant.

Mosin Nagant M1944 Carbine

The M1944 was the final carbine version of the Mosin Nagant M91/30.  Almost 8 million were produced from 1943 through 1948.  The M1944 is clearly an evolution of the M1938, with the primary distinguishing feature, being a permanently attached side folding spike bayonet.

As with the M1891/38 carbine loss of over 8” in barrel length and 2 lbs of weight results in punishing recoil compared to the full length rifle and the folding bayonet unbalances the rifle making it even worse.

This basic design was produced by several Soviet client states after the end of World War Two.  Unissued examples of these post war rifles can still be found at gun shows.


Version - Russian M1944 Carbine

Caliber - 7.62x54R (Rimmed 7.62x54mm).

Receiver - Milled with the Cyrillic Markings and a stamp for the Tula (star with arrow) or Izhesvk (triangle with arrow).

Bolt - Chromed with a straight handle.

Barrel - 20.34”.  

Overall Length - 39.9”.

Weight - 9.0 lbs.

Stocks - Wood (Often Laminated).

Magazines - 5 rd integral box.

Sights - Notched Ladder and Post.

Bayonet - 12.25” Integral Spike.

M1944 shown at the bottom, with M1938, M1891/30, and PU Sniper above

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