Winchester Model 1894

The Winchester Lever Action is, with the 1873 Peacemaker, one of the guns that defined the American Frontier.

Model 1894 Winchester Trapper Carbine in .30-30 Winchester.

The 1894 Winchester was considered by many gun historians to be the ultimate lever action rifle.  Except for a gap from 2007-2010, the gun has been in production since 1894 with over 7,500,000 examples being manufactured.  The design is an evolution of the 1892, 1876, 1873, and 1866 Winchesters and, ultimately, the 1860 Henry.  It is known for being light and easy to handle while packing enough power to take down game as large as deer.  The lever action design enables a skilled user to fire the weapon at speeds rivaling some semi-automatics.  

This type of action is also robust and able to handle a wide variety of cartridges.  The original cartridge was the .30 WCF which became, over time, the .30-30 Winchester.  However, in the 19th century it was also chambered in .25-35, .32 Winchester Special, .38-40, .38-55, and .44-40.  The .44-40 caliber enabled one to have a Winchester Rifle and Colt Revolver in the same caliber.  The 1894 was eventually offered in .45 Long Colt, but this was long after the west was settled.  In later years it even was offered in the powerful .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum handgun cartridges.  Throughout its long history, barrel lengths have ranged from 14” to 26” with octagonal, round, and half round/half octagonal barrel profiles.  In the 1990s there were even stainless steel composit stock variants for use in severe climates.


Version - 1990s Era .30-.30 Trapper Carbine

Caliber - .30"-30.

Receiver - Steel receiver and steel barrel.

Action - Lever Action.

Barrel - 20.0”.  

Overall Length - 27.75”. 

Weight - 6.5 lbs.  

Stocks - Walnut.    

Magazines -  6 rd integral tube in .30”-30.

Sights - Adjustable Notch and Post.

The two guns that won the West, the Winchester Lever Action and Colt Peacemaker.

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