Benelli Nova


The Benelli Nova is an inexpensive but highly styled pump action shotgun.

Benelli Nova, 12 Gauge with a 26" Barrel.

The Benelli Nova is Benelli’s pump action hunting shotgun.  It is available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge in 24”, 26”, and 28” barrel lengths.  The stock can also be camouflaged or black but they are always synthetic.  It, like many modern Italian guns, is styled as much for form as function.  It is reliable and in the 12 gauge version able to handle 2 3/4”, 3”, and 3 1/2” magnum shotgun rounds.  The barrel of most versions has a ventilated rib and a fiber optic front sight.  Benellis also employ a bypass switch to enable unfired rounds to be cycled out of the gun.

Caliber - 12 Gauge 3 1/2” (also 3” & 2 3/4”).

Receiver - Alloy.

Action - Pump Action.

Barrel - 26”.  

Overall Length - 47.5”.

Weight - 7.9 lbs.

Stocks - Synthetic.

Magazines - 4 round tube.

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