Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chiefs Special

The Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief's Special is representative of a modern small frame revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief's Special, 5-Shot, .357 Magnum in Stainless Steel with a 3” barrel.

Revolvers are still popular to this day.  While semi-automatic pistols are the most popular current handguns, revolvers still have their place.  Their reliability and ease of operation, with no need to pull back a slide, make them good backup guns, especially if one hand is incapacitated.   These same characteristics make them good guns for those who don’t want to take the time to master a semi-automatic pistol, or who have weak hands or wrists.

However, revolvers are not as well balanced as semi-autos and harder to shoot accurately, especially typical double action revolvers with there very long and heavy trigger pulls.  Also, the general lack fo an external safety can make them more dangerous if they get in the hands of children than semi-autos with external safeties and slides that are often difficult to pull back, even for adults.

One major advantage of a revolver over a semi-auto though, is the inherent strength of the action.  Revolvers chamber the most powerful handgun rounds, like S&W .460” magnum or .500” magnum, and .454” Casull.  Also, these powerful revolvers will also often chamber less powerful rounds to practice with, like .45” Long Colt in the case of the .454” Casull.  There are even revolvers that fire shotgun rounds.  These are the Taurus Judge series and the S&W governor, both of which chamber .410” Shotgun shells.

Smith and Wesson (S&W) is synonymous with the word revolver and has revolvers in all shapes and sizes chambered in a wide variety of calibers.  One of their most popular models is the Model 60, Chiefs Special.  This model, introduced in 1965, was the worlds first stainless steel revolver.  This revolver utilizes Smith & Wesson’s J-frame which is considered a small frame.  However advances in metallurgy have enabled this revolver to chamber 5 of the powerful .357” magnum rounds.  Since it is chambered in .357” magnum, it can also fire .38” Special round for practice or .38” Special +P rounds for defense.  This revolver has been offered in several version with a variety of finishes and barrel lengths.  The one shown above is the popular 3” target model.


Version - Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief’s Special

Caliber - .357” Magnum - Also .38” Special

Frame - Stainless Steel.

Action - Double Action Revolver.

Grips - Rubber.

Barrel - 3.0”.

Overall Length - 5.8”.  

Weight - 1.4 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 5 rd Integral Cylinder.

Sights - Adjustable Notched Blade and Ramp.

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