SKS Carbines

Russian SKS45     Chinese Type 56     Yugoslavian 59/66

The Simonov, or SKS, carbine was the primary issue rifle for the USSR from the end of WWII until the 1950s.  Thought the SKS was competitive when designed, it was no match for the AK-47 which quickly replaced it in front line service.  However, it continued to be produced into the 1960s for military use by Soviet satellite states and it was in production into the 1980s by the Chinese for commercial markets.  The Chinese manufactured many millions of examples for both domestic use and export.  The ultimate version of the SKS was the Yugoslavian which had many refinements.

Russian SKS45, top, and Yugoslavian M59/66, bottom, representing the first and last military SKS variants.

Specifications are for a typical SKS:

Caliber - 7.62x39mm.

Receiver - Milled Steel.

Action - Gas Operated Short Stroke Piston.

Stock - Wood.

Barrel - 20.5" to 22.0".

Magazine - 10 rd fixed.

Bayonet - Permanet Folding Spike (Chinese) or Blade (Russian and Yugoslavian).

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