Other Rifles


1894 Winchester     Ruger 10/22

Though semi-automatic rifles based upon military designs are currently the most popular rifles, there is a wide variety of other rifles inculding bolt actions, lever actions, and other semi-auto designs.  Bolt actions and lever actions are still very popular among hunters due to their ability to handle extremely powerful loads and the fact that in many states, AR-15 style rifles are highly regulated and often outlawed.  The lever action Winchester remains one of the most common deer rifles even though its design dates back to 1866 and the current models are 1894 and 1895 designs. The ruger 10/22, is a semi-automatic .22 that has become the standard first gun and, due to its versatility a common varmit and target shooting gun.  

Lever Action Winchester Model 94 in .30-30, the classic American deer rifle.

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