M1891/30 - PU Sniper


The M1891/30 Round Reciever was produced from the mid 1930s

M91-30 Sniper w PU Scope

M1891/30 Sniper with PU Scope and Mount.

The M91/30 sniper with the PU Scope was a sniper rifle produced after 1942.  Standard 1891/30 that demonstrated exceptional accuracy were pulled from the production line and modified to become sniper rifles. 

The changes to turn the rifle into a sniper rifle included turning down the bolt, inletting the stock for the scope mount and attaching the scope mount to the receiver.  The scope mount had a 3.5 PU scope.  This scope was simple but effective and had a wide field of view for scope of this period.  Iron sights were retained as a backup, as was the ability to mount a bayonet.

This rifle was a very good sniper rifle and used to great effect by the Russians with several snipers with more than 100 confirmed kills.  This is also the rifle used by the Russian snipers in the movie Enemy at the Gates.

Caliber - 7.62x54R (Rimmed 7.62x54mm).

Receiver - Milled round with the Cyrillic Markings and a stamp for the Tula (star with arrow) or Izhesvk (triangle with arrow) arsenals.  SA stamp, if present, indicates capture by the Finns.

Bolt - Chromed with a turned down handle.

Barrel - 28.75”.  

Overall Length - 48.5”.

Weight - 11.3 lbs with scope and mount.

Stocks - Wood (Sometimes Laminated).

Magazines - 5 rd integral box.

Bayonet - Detachable 16.9" Spike.

Sights - 3.5 Power PU scope with post reticle and receiver side mount.

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