U.S. WW II Rifles


M1 Garand    M1 Carbine

The U.S. Military used three primary rifles in WW II.  Two of these designs were semi-automatic and greatly increased the firepower of U.S. infantry units.  The primary long-guns issued to the U.S. Military in WW II  were:

United States 

  • M1903A3 - Bolt Action Rifle - .30"-06 Caliber.  This was the primary  issued to the U.S. Marine Corps
    • Primarily Issued to U.S. Marine Corps.
      • M1903 - Standard Issue from WW I.
      • M1903A1 - Improved ergonomics version from 1920s and 30s.
      • M1903A3 - Standard Issue and Production for WW II.
      • M1903A4 - Sniper Version.
  • M1 Garand - Semi-Automatic Rifle - .30"-06 Caliber.
    • Primarily Issued to U.S. Army.
      • M1 - Standard Issue.
      • M1C - Sniper Version.
  • M1 Carbine - Semi-Automatic Carbine - .30" Carbine Caliber.
    • Issued to all branches of U.S. Military as a handgun replacement.
      • M1 - Standard Issue.
      • M2 - Full-Auto Version.
      • M3 - Infra-Red Night Sighted Version.

M1 Garand and Carbine

U.S. M1 Garand (top) and M1 Carbine (bottom).

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