MAS 36


The MAS 36, with an unstocked receiver, forward bent bolt handle, and spike bayonet held in tube under the barrel was very unusual looking and developed just prior to WW II.

MAS 36

The MAS 36 was perhaps the most unusual looking standard issue rifle of WW II.

This was the French bolt action rifle for the WWII era.  It has a peculiar design with the stock in two completely separate pieces separated by the steel receiver.  It also has a peculiar forward angled bolt handle.  Finally, the bayonet is a spike type that fits in a recess underneath the barrel.

This weapon was accurate and used by the French well into the 50s.  it also served as the basis for the FR series sniper rifles.

Caliber - 7.5mm French.

Receiver - Milled with large numbers and a letter on the left side.

Bolt - Phosphated with forward slanted downturned handle.

Barrel - 22.6”.  

Overall Length - 40.2”.

Weight - 8.2 lbs.

Stocks - Wood.

Magazines - 5 rd integral box.

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