Styer Maadi (AKM Clone)


The Styer Maadi which was made in Egypt is an exact semi-auto replica of a 1970s era Russian AKM.

Maadi with Bayonet.

The AKM was basically an AK-47 with stamped receiver.  Switching from the milled (AK-47) to stamped receiver saved almost 2lbs in weight while still retaining the AKs legendary durability.Caliber - 7.62x39mm.

The Styer Maadi, not to be confused with later Maadis, is a faithful semi-auto replica of an AKM.  It was built on Russian tooling in Egypt and the closest thing to a real Russian AKM ever available in the US Market.  It even has the two piece main spring rod that makes the distinctive clack, clack mentioned in the movie Heartbreak Ridge.  As these were imported prior to 1989, there are no U.S. made parts on these rifles.

The AKMReceiver - Stamped with correct magazine guide dimples.

Butt Stock - Laminated wood with correct reinforcing pins and sling swivels.

Pistol Grip - Checkered brown phenolic plastic.

Hand Guards - Laminated wood with correct palm swells.

Barrel - Chrome lined with bayonet lug and slant compensator.

Magazines - Takes any standard AK magazine.

Clone By - Maadi (Egypt) Imported by Styer (Austria).

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