Romanian PSL (PSL Clone)

The PSL is an actual Romanian sniper rifle with a new Romanian receiver to allow importation into the United States.


PSL with LPS 4x6o Scope.

The Centerfire Systems Dragunov is actually not a Dragunov.  It is a Romanian PSL sniper rifle which is based on the AK action with a Dragunov style stock.  PSL stands for Pusca Semiautomatica cu Luneta which is romanian for semi-automatic rifle with scope.

The PSL is equivalent to a U.S. designated marksman rifle and is intended to rapidly hit man sized targets out to 600 yards.  It was supplied to many Soviet client countries during the cold war and served as the basis for the Iraqi Tabuk sniper rifle.  

These guns are manufactured in Romania using military parts sets and a new receiver (BATF doesn’t allow the original, even though they were never full automatic.)  The finish on the gun is somewhat rough but correct for a military issue gun.

This version of the gun comes with the original Romanian LPS 4x6o scope which is a copy of the Russian PSO without the IR illuminator.  It instead used radium which is long decayed in the imported rifles.  The optics include the PSO type range estimator.

Caliber - 7.62x54R (Rimmed 7.62x54mm). 

Receiver - Stamped and with all the reinforcing plates and other modifications for the PSL.

Butt Stock - Laminated wood Dragunov style stock with spring loaded shock absorbing butt plate.

Hand Guards - Laminated wood.

Barrel - Original 24” barrel with bayonet lug ears ground off but compensator still in place.  

Overall Length - 45.3”.

Weight - 9.5 lbs with the scope.

Magazines - Takes 10rd PSL magazines.  Dragunov magazines will not interchange.

Optics - Self zeroing side rail and Romanian LPS 4x6o scope with range estimating reticle and turret adjustments calibrated for 7.62x54mm.

Clone By - This weapon is not a clone and is uses original Romanian parts with a new Romanian receiver.

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