CAI M70AB2 (M70AB2 Clone)

The Century Arms International (CAI) M70AB2 is an exact semi-auto replica of a 1970s Yugoslavian M70 AB2 under folder.

Stock Extended.

Stock Folded with Bayonet.

The Century M70AB2 is a U.S. made AK assembled from U.S. parts and a Yugoslavian military under folder parts set.  Some of these parts sets are from guns that have actually seen action in the Yugoslavian Civil War.

Century got all the details correct on this gun and it is a near exact copy of a Zastava made M70AB2 for the Yugoslavian military.  In fact this gun is a more exact copy than the Yugoslavian AKs that were imported prior to 1989 because those had several detail features removed or changed for importation. The finish is a bit rough but accurate for a Yugoslavian military rifle.

Caliber - 7.62x39mm. 

Receiver - Stamped RPK style 1.6mm thick receiver with correct trunion reinforcements and dimples.  The receiver is US Made by Nodak Spud.

Butt Stock - Under folding stamped steel stock with correct dimples, rivets.   The stock is functional and not pinned open.

Pistol Grip - Black Composite Yugoslav grip.  The latest versions of this gun have U.S. made pistol grips with profiles different from the original Yugoslavian grips.

Hand Guards - Correct Yugoslavian teak wood.

Barrel - Not chrome lined as on the real Yugoslavian AKs.  Also has grenade launching site and gas cutoff as well as the bayonet lug and slant compensator.

Magazines - Takes any standard AK magazine and can use Yugoslav AK magazines which have a bolt hold open tab. Clone By - Century Arms using NODAK Spud receiver and Yugoslavian parts set.

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