The Century Arms International (CAI) AKMS is an exact semi-auto replica of a 1980s era Polish PMKMS underfolder which was itself a duplicate of a Russian AKMS.

Century AKMS Open

Stock Extended with plum US made pistol grip.

Century AKMN Folded

Stock Folded with Bayonet and red US made pistol grip.

The Century AKMS is a U.S. made AK assembled from U.S. parts and a Polish military PMKMS under-folder parts set.  With a swap of the pistol grip it can be a near exact copy of a AKMS which is the folding stock variant of the AKM.

These rifles are use a Nodak Spud receiver with the correct dimples, unlike Century Arms' cheaper Romanian under-folders.  The quality is very high and the folding stock locks up very tightly.

Caliber - 7.62x39mm. 

Receiver - Stamped with correct magazine guide dimples and lightening cuts.  The receiver is US Made by Nodak Spud.

Butt Stock - Under folding stamped steel stock with correct dimples, rivets.   The stock is functional and not pinned open.

Pistol Grip - Black Composite.  This U.S. made grip can be replaced with a red or plum composite U.S. made grip to match the color on the military PMKMS.

Hand Guards - Laminated wood with correct palm swells.

Barrel - Chrome lined with bayonet lug and slant compensator.

Magazines - Takes any standard AK magazine.

Clone By - Century Internal Arms  Delray Beach, FL.

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