Arsenal SLR-105A1 (AK-74 Clone)

The Arsenal Bulgaria SLR-105A1 is an exact semi-automtic replica of a Russian 1990s era AK-74M with a scope rail.


SLR-105 with Bulgarian Bayonet.

The Arsenal SLR-105A1 is a near exact copy of a 1990s Russian AK-74M as used in Chechnya.  The original AK-74 was simply an AKM chambered for a smaller caliber round in 5.45x39mm  which has similar in performance to the NATO 5.56x45mm.

These rifles are extremely high quality and assembled in the U.S. by Bulgarians using U.S. and Bulgarian components.   Bulgaria is widely regarded as making excellent quality AKs and is the current supplier of AKs to the newly reconstituted Iraqi army.  All Arsenal AK variants are outstanding copies of the full-auto military originals.

Caliber - 5.45x39mm. 

Receiver - Stamped with correct magazine guide dimples.  The receiver is U.S. made by Arsenal Inc.

Butt Stock - Black Composite with AK-74 indentations.  The U.S. made stock has 1 1/4 greater length of pull than the standard Warsaw pact stock.

Pistol Grip - Black Composite.  The grip is U.S. made.

Hand Guards - Black Composite with correct ridges and palm swells.  The guards are U.S. made.

Barrel - Chrome lined with bayonet lug and AK-74 compensator.

Magazines - Takes any standard AK-74 magazine.

Other - This version has a scope rail mounted on the side of the receiver for mounting Russian style scopes. 

Clone By - Arsenal Bulgaria in Las Vegas, NV using Bulgarian parts.

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