Armory USA PMKMS (AKMS Clone)

The Armory USA PMKMS is an exact semi-auto replica of a 1980s era Polish PMKMS underfolder which was itself a duplicate of a Russian AKMS.

Armory USA PMKMS unfolded

Stock Extended with plum US made pistol grip.

Armory USA PMKMS folded

Stock Folded with plum US made pistol grip.

Stock Folded with Bayonet with red US made pistol grip.

The Armory USA PMKMS is a U.S. made AK assembled from U.S. parts and a Polish military under folder parts set.  With a swap of the pistol grip it can be a near exact copy of a AKMS which is the folding stock variant of the AKM.

These rifles are extremely high quality with tolerances much tighter than a typical AK.  An unfortunate side effect of these tight tolerances is that many AK magazines are a very tight fit.

Caliber - 7.62x39mm. 

Receiver - Stamped with correct magazine guide dimples and lightening cuts.  However, the receiver is 1.5mm thick which is thicker and more durable than than the typical 1mm AK receiver.  The receiver is US Made by Armory USA.

Butt Stock - Under folding stamped steel stock with correct dimples, rivets.   The stock is functional and not pinned open.

Pistol Grip - Black Composite.  This U.S. made grip can be replaced with a red or brown composite U.S. made grip to match the color on the military PMKMS.

Hand Guards - Laminated wood with correct palm swells.

Barrel - Chrome lined with bayonet lug and slant compensator.

Magazines - Takes any standard AK magazine.

Clone By - Armory USA in Houston, TX.

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