AK Bayonets


There are almost as many variants of AK bayonets as rifles.

AK Bayonets

Five major AK bayonet variants.

There have been several styles of bayonets for Kalishnikov rifles.  These are the major types, except for the first version used on the milled AK-47 and AK-47S.  These bayonets from top to bottom are:

Early Egyptian AKM Bayonet.  Note that there is no hole to use the bayonet as a wire cutter.  This style was also used by the Chinese.

Polish Style AKM Bayonet.  This is the same as the one above it except that there is a hole in the blade and the scabbard has been modified to enable its use as a wire cutter.

Romanian Style AKM Bayonet.   This is the same as the one above but serrations have been added to the bottom of the blade and the end of the grip now curves upward.

East German MPiK Bayonet.  This bayonet is the same as the one above but with the standard style grip.

Bulgarian AK-74 Bayonet.  This is bayonet that was adopted by the Russians and Bulgarians in the 1990s that has a completely different blade and handle profile than before.

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