AK Clones

Styer Maadi         Armory USA PMKMS         CAI AKMS         CAI M70AB2         Arsenal SLR-105A1         Romanian PSL

AK Bayonets

The AK or Automovat Kalishnokov design is the most common rifle design with at least 50 million examples manufactured.  The primary designs include the following:

  • Standard Infantry Rifles:  AK-47, AKM, AK-74, and AK-74M
  • Folding Stock Infantry Rifles:  AKS, AKMS, AKS-74, and AK-100 Series
  • Personal Defense Rifle:  AKS-74U
  • Squad Automatic Rifles:  RPK and RPK-74
  • Sniper Rifles: PSL, Tabuk and M-76 (the Dragunov uses a different action than the AK and, though related, is not a true variant).

The AK is accurate enough to hit a man-sized targer out to 300 yards and is easy to learn to shoot.  It also has a well deserved reputation for being the most reliable assualt rifle design, yet fielded. 

Military AK rifles have been manufactured in:  Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Germany (East - DDR), Hungary, Iraq, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia (USSR and Russian Republic), and Yugoslavia.

Semi-auto clones are manufactured in the United States using parts from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Yugoslavia.

Polish AKMSes

Armory USA Polish PMKMS clone with underfolding stock extended on top and CAI Polish PMKMS clone with underfolding stock folded on bottom.

AKs and PSL

Clockwise from top:  Polish PMKMS Clone, Yugoslav M70AB2 Clone, AK Bayonets, Romanian PSL, Bulgarian AK-74M Clone, Egyptian AKM Clone.

The standard AK infantry rifle has the following specifications:

Caliber - 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm.

Receiver - Milled or Stamped Steel.

Action - Gas Operated Long Stroke Piston. 

Barrel - 16.3”.

Length - 34” Fixed Stock or Open Folded Stock / 26” Folded Stock.

Weight - 6.5 lbs (stamped) to 9.5 lbs (milled).

Handguards - Laminated Wood or Composite

Pistol Grip - Always Composite

Fixed Stock - Laminated Wood or Composite  

FoldingStock - Underfolding Steel, Side Folding Steel, or Side Folding Composite

Magazines - 30 rd detachable box (also 5 rd, 40 rd & 75 rd drum).

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