Browning BDA

The Browning BDA is a .380" ACP pistol based upon Beretta 84.


Browning BDA 380 in Blue with Wood Grips.

The Browning BDA 380 is a version of the Beretta 84 with a full slide that was marketed and sold by Browning.  The pistol has a straight blowback action  with the typical double/single action trigger mechanism. Firing the .380 ACP round, it has relatively light recoil and it very accurate.

Caliber - .380” ACP.

Barrel - 3.80"

Slide - Alloy.

Receiver - Alloy.

Action - Double/ Single Action, Blowback.

Grips - Wood.

Sights - Notch & Blade.

Magazines - 13 round detachable box.

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