S&W Model 60


The Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief's Special is representative of a modern small frame revolver.

Model 66

Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief's Special, 5-Shot, .357 Magnum in Stainless Steel with a 3” barrel.

The Model, introduced in 1965, was the worlds first stainless steel revolver.  This revolver utilizes Smith & Wesson’s J frame and has 5 rounds of .357 Magnum in a compact package. The .357” Magnum chambering means that this gun also can fire .38” special rounds.  

Caliber - .357” Magnum (also .38” Special).

Receiver - Forged Stainless Steel.

Action - Single Action, Revolver.

Barrel - 3”  (also 2 1/8” & 5” available).

Grips - Pachmayer Plastic.

Magazines - 5 round cylinder.

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