The North American Arms 22MSC is one of the smallest handguns available on the market today.


The NAA-MSC22 looks like an 1860s personal defense gun, but it uses the modern .22 Magnum round.

North American Arms revolvers are some of the smallest handguns one can buy.  They are very popular as backup guns to larger weapons or concealed carry firearms when one wants the smallest possbile gun.  The .22” Short and .22” Long Rifle rounds are the lowest power commonly available rounds.  However, the .22” Magnum round is comparable to a .38” Special in power.   Though these rounds are less powerful than even a .380 ACP, having 5 shots that these North American Arms revolvers offer is certainly better than not having a gun at all.

The  NAA-22MSC revolver, show above is chambered in .22” Magnum and includes a spare .22” Long Rifle cylinder as well.  The cylinders offer 5 shots in either caliber.  There are also half-cock notches to allow the revolver to be safely carried with the hammer down in the notch and all 5 rounds loaded.  The revolver is single action and similar to derringers the trigger doesn’t become active, until the gun is cocked.   The revolver shown here is only 4 ⅝” long, has a 1   barrel and weighs only 6.2 ounces.  

There are a multitude of other versions with barrels from 1 ⅛” to 6”, ported barrels, bull barrels, birdseed grips, folding grips, laser grips and the three .22 calibers discussed above (.22” Short, .22” Long Rifle & .22” Magnum).  

Caliber -  .22” Magnum & .22” Long Rifle

Receiver - Forged Steel.

Action - Single Action, Revolver.

Barrel - 1 1/8".

Grips - Wood.

Magazines - 5 round .22” Magnum cylinder & 5 round .22” Long Rifle cylinder.

NAA-MSC22 with cylinders

Though the cylinders looks similar the .22” Magnum round (top) is much larger 

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