1895 Nagant

The 1895 is a very unusual revolver that served the Russian and Soviet Empires from 1895 through World War 2.

Nagant 1

1895 Nagant showing its archaic design, even though this particular gun was produced in WW II.

The 1895 Nagant is one of the most unusual revolvers ever mass produced.  In spite of its unique gas seal system, it served Russia and the Soviet Union well for 50 years and had a reputation for being robust and reliable.

Its unique gas seal system designed to have increased velocity without increasing the power of the round.  When the gun is cocked the entire cylinder cams forward against the barrel and this coupled with rounds that actually have the bullet sunk down below the rim of the brass, ensure that little gas escapes between the cylinder and the barrel.  This does impart around 100ft in extra velocity, but due to the increasd complexity for this small gain in velocity it was not used on other mass produced designs.  

Another unusual feature of this gun is that it was made in both double action (pulling the trigger cocks and fires the gun) and single action (pulling the trigger only fires the gun so manual cocking is required).  The officers got double actions and enlisted personnel got single actions.  However, by WW II, most single actions had been converted to double action.   

Caliber -  7.62x38R Nagant (Rimmed Gas Seal 7.62mm x 38mm round).

Receiver - Forged Steel.

Action - Double Action, Revolver.

Barrel - 4.5".

Grips - Wood.

Magazines - 7 round cylinder.

Nagant 2A

7.62x38R Cartridge from side.  Note that the bullet is not visible.

Nagant 2B

7.62x38R Cartridge from above.  

Note that the bullet is sunk into the cartridge.

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