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S&W Model 60     1895 Nagant     NAA-22MSC 

Revolvers are still popular to this day.  Advances in metallurgy have enabled small frame concealable revolvers to fire the powerfull .357 magnum round.  While semi-automatic pistols are the most popular current handguns, revolvers still have some characteristics that a modern semi-automatic cannot match.

First, revolvers are simpler designs and because chambering is not dependent upon force generated by the previos round a misfire in a revolver just requires another pull of the trigger, to try the next round.  For this reason they are excellent back-up guns for use when everything else has failed.

Revolvers also, do not require one to pull back a heavy slide or light slide and stiff spring to chamber the first round.  This makes them ideal guns for people with weak wrists or arms.

Since Revolvers can use cartridges of varying lengths, they are often inheirently multi-caliber.  So any .357 magnum can fire a .38 special.  However, the reverse is not true and a .38 special gun cannot fire a .357 magnum round.  NEVER ATTEMPT TO FIRE A ROUND MORE POWERFULL THAN WHAT IS RECOMMENDED IN THE OWNERS MANUAL OR STAMPED ON THE BARREL OF A FIREARM.

Finally, revolvers can handle more powerful rounds than a comparable sized semi-automatic pistol and are now offered in calibers up to the S&W .500 Magnum which is the most powerful handgun round.  There are also revolvers chambered to fire 3" .410 shotgun shells.

Model 66

Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chiefs Special in .357 magnum from 1965.

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