KBI PJK-9HP (Browning Hi-Power Clone)


The KBI PJK-9HP, made by FEG in Hungary, is an almost exact copy of a 1950s era Browning Hi-Power.



The FEG PJK-9HP, from Hungary, is an  almost exact copy of a 1950s era Browning High Power.  Many of the parts are even interchangeable.  

The Browning HP or High Power (also called GP35) is one of the great semi-auto pistol designs and was the first high capacity semi-auto pistol.  The single action design held 13 rounds, which was a huge amount in an era when 7 or 8 rounds was typical.  It was used by both sides in WWII and has been used by the military forces of more than 50 countries.  This gun is still manufactured by Browning / Fabrique Nationale today.

Caliber - 9x19mm.

Barrel - 4.64”.

Slide - Forged Steel.

Receiver - Forged Steel.

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil.

Grips - Checkered Wood.

Sights - Notch & Blade.

Magazines - 13 rd detachable box.   

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