Glock 17

The Glock 17 is the most important pistol design of the last 50 years.


The Glock 17 3rd Generation.

The Glock 17, adopted by the Austrian military in 1982 was the first successful polymer pistol.  Though the frame and internal parts were steel, the frame was an advanced polymer (Plastic).  This saved weight, while increasing magazine capacity and though slightly smaller and significantly lighter than the Beretta 92 and Sig P226, the Glock was able to hold 2 more rounds of ammo.  

The Glock spawned a revolution in pistol design. The H&K USP series, Sig P250, Springfield XD series, S&W Sigma Series, and Taurus Millennium Series all follow the steel slide and polymer frame pattern established by the Glock. Glock itself has an entire family of weapons spawned from the G17 that function exactly the same but are different sizes and calibers.  In 9mm alone the offer the Full Size 17, Compact 19, Ultra-compact 26, and competition 17L and 34.  The Glock above, is a 3rd Generation 17 which introduced a light rail and finger grooves on the grip.

Caliber - 9x19mm.

Barrel - 4.49"

Slide - Steel.

Receiver - Polymer.

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil, Striker Fired.

Grips - Plastic.

Sights - U & Dot.

Magazines - 17 rd detachable box.

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