FN Five-seveN


The FN Five-seveN is significant departure from pistols of the past.


FN Five-seveN MK II with Target Sights.

The FN Five-seveN is part of a new firearms system developed by Fabrique National in Belgium. The system includes the FN P90 carbine, FN Five-seveN pistol, and 5.7 x 28mm ammunition.  The 5.7 x 28mm round it fires does not even look like a conventional handgun round.  Instead it resembles a scaled down rifle round.  The round also has velocities that resemble rifle rounds as well at 2,000 feet per second for a 40 grain bullet out of a 4.75” barrel.  This makes the 5.7mm bullet have the stopping power of a 9mm, with felt recoil similar to a .22 caliber handgun.   When fired from the 10” barreled military P90 or 16.25” barrelled civilian P90 carbines, the ballistics are even more impressive.  With the military steel cored bullets the round is capable of penetrating body armour, that would stop almost any other handgun round.

The pistol itself is also different from a typical handgun.  Beyond the ammo, it has a space appearance and feel.  The gun appears to be all polymer, but the slide is in fact, steel and just covered with a polymer shell.  The safety is mounted where one would find it on a carbine, right above the trigger.  Dissassembly also reveals that the barrel looks unusual with a captive recoil spring around its front and large chamber section at the rear.  The barrel is also fully chromed for durability.  The signt radius is an impressive 7”and the bore axis is relatively low.  The pistol also has 20 round magazines.  All this, and the ammo, result in a pistol with good stopping power and quick follow up shots, due to the low recoil, that shoots flat out to 100 yards.

The Cypriot National Guard were the first to adopt this pistol in 2000.  The gun has been adopted by over 300 law enforecement agencies including by Elite Police and Military Units in Belgium, France (CIGN), India, Italy, Mexico, Poland (GROM) and even the U.S. Secret Service.  It also been adopted as the general issue pistol by the miliaries of Belgium, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain,  and Thailand

Caliber - 5.7x28mm.

Barrel - 4.75"

Slide - Steel with Polymer Cover

Receiver - Polymer.

Action - Single Action, Delayed Blowback, Striker Fired.

Grips - Polymer.

Sights - 3 Dot Adjustable Target.

Magazines - 20 rd detachable box.

5 7 by 28

5.7 x 28mm SS197 SR Round for the FN Five-seveN and P90.

FN Bullet

FN Five-seveN Pistol with a 5.7 x 28mm Round.

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