SIG P238

The SIG P238 is one of the most popular concealed carry pistols today.

SIG P238

SIG P238 with Nitron and Black Finish and Fiber Optic Front Sight.

The Sig Sauer P238 is one of the most popular concealed carry pistols and is available in over 20 variations of slide, grip, and frame finish.  All are essentially updated versions of Colt’s .380 ACP Mustang.  In many ways the gun is a scaled down M1911.  It even is single action only with cocked and locked carry.  This makes it very safe, with the positive safety, while having a single action trigger pull that promotes accuracy.  All of the P238s feature excellent SIGLITE tritium night sights.  

The version of the P238 shown above is a variant made for Academy Sports & Outdoors stores that shares aspects of the Equinox and Nitron versions of the P238.  It has a black hard anodized frame, Nitron coated slide, and black polymer grips that make the finish both durable and non reflective.   The front sight is both a SIGLITE tritium night sight and green LED daylight sight, while the back sight is a normal SIGLITE tritium night sight.  It ships with a 7 round extended magazine.   

The pictures below shows two other variants.  One is a version of the Purple P238 made for Academy Sports & Outdoors stores.  This purple version has a purple nitro slide; rainbow titanium PVD screws and controls; and purple pearl grips.  It ships with the standard 6rd magazine.  Like all P238s, it still has the SIGLITE tritium sights.  The other is called the Rainbow P238.  This version has a rainbow titanium PVD slide, screws and controls; checkered rosewood grips, and SIGLITE tritium sights.

The P238 has been so successful, that Colt has started remaking the Mustang again.  Sig Sauer has introduced a scaled up version, called the P938, that fires a 9mm round.

Caliber - .380” ACP.

Barrel - 2.7”.

Slide - Stainless Steel.  Multiple  finishes including:  Nitron, Purple Nitron, Rainbow Titanium and others.

Receiver - Steel - Hard Anodized.  Multiple control finishes including: anodized, Rainbow Titanium PVD and others.

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil.

Grips - Multiple types including:  Fluted Polymer, Purple Pearlite, Rosewood and others.

Sights - SIGLITE Tritium 3-Dot with an additional green LED on the front sight of some models.

Magazines - 6rd or 7rd extended detachable box.

IMG 0173

SIG P238 with Purple Nitron Slide, Purple Pearlite Grips, and Rainbow Titanium PVD Screws and Controls.

Sig Rainbow

SIG P238 with Rainbow Titanium PVD Slide, Screws and Controls and Checkered Rosewood Grips.

IMG 0179

Two SIG P238 Variants shown together.

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