Colt M1991A1

The Colt M1991A1 was Colt's entry level variant of the 1911 in the 1990s.


Colt M1991A1 in standard configuration with parkarized finish and black plastic grips.

The Colt M1991A1 is Colt’s modern budget version of the venerable Colt M1911.  The M1911 was the first issued to the US military in 1911 and still serves to this day.  The 1911 is appreciated for its hard hitting caliber, accuracy, and its ability to be customized.

The M1991A1 version has the original style flat mainspring housing.  It has the minor modifications that were made to internal parts in the 1980s.  However, it is otherwise is faithful to the M1911A1 design.  Since this is Colt’s budget model the finish is parkerized, it has plain black plastic stocks, and it has simple non-adjustable sights.

Caliber - .45” ACP.

Barrel - 5.00”.  

Slide - Forged Steel.

Receiver - Forged Steel.

Action - Single Action, Short Recoil.

Grips - Plastic.

Sights - Notch & Blade

Magazines - 7 or 8 rd detachable box.

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