Uberti Pocket Navy (Colt 1862 Pocket Navy Clone)

The 1862 Pocket Navy was a 2/3rds scale 1851 Navy with only 5 shots, yet it fired the same caliber.

1862 Pocket Navy

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy Replica by Uberti.

Improved steels enabled Colt to scale down his 1851 Navy while retaining the same caliber but with 5 rounds instead of 6.  Some 19,000 of these guns were manufactured and they were, along with the Pocket Police, the most powerful concealed carry firearms of their time.

Caliber - .36” Ball.

Receiver - Steel and Brass.

Action - Single Action, Percussion.

Barrel - 6.0”.  

Grips - Wood.

Magazines - 5 rounds with attached loading lever.

Replica by - Uberti.

1851 Navy

Full Size 1850 Navy from which Pocket Nave was Derived.

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