EMF Engraved Army (Colt 1860 Army Clone)

The 1860 Army improved upon the 1851 Navy by offering more firepower in a similar sized revolver.

1860 Army

Colt 1860 Army Replica by EMF with 25% engraving and German silvering on front strap and trigger guard.

The 1860 Army was an improvement on the Navy and packed more power in a gun of similar size and balance.  It had 6 rounds of .44” Ball compared to the Navy’s .36” Ball. Some 200,000 of these were produced and they, like the Navy, were used by both sides in the Civil War.

Caliber - .44” Ball.

Receiver - Steel.

Action - Single Action, Percussion.

Barrel - 8.0”.  

Grips - Wood.

Magazines - 6 rounds with attached loading lever.

Replica by - EMF. 

This particular example has 25% engraving and German silvering on the front strap and trigger guard.

1860 Army, top, with 1851 Navy, below.

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