Cimmaron Arms Navy (Colt 1851 Navy Clone)

The 1851 Navy, due to its superb balance,  was the choice gun for gunfighters of the 1850s and 1860s.

1851 Navy

Colt 1851 Navy Replica by Cimarron Arms.

The 1851 Navy was named for the naval scene that was roll engraved on the cylinder.  With 6 rounds of 36” Ball, it had decent firepower for the day.  However its superb balance made it the choice of many of the top gunfighters of the 1850s and 60s, including Wild Bill Hickok.  Some 215,000 of these were produced and they were used by both sides in the Civil War.

Caliber - .36” Ball.

Receiver - Steel and Brass.

Action - Single Action, Percussion.

Barrel - 7.5”.  

Grips - Wood.

Magazines - 6 rounds with attached loading lever.

Replica by - Cimmarron Arms (Uberti Parts).

1860 Army, top, with 1851 Navy, below.

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