Uberti Walker (Colt 1847 Walker Clone)


The 1847 Walker by Uberit is an exact replica of Colt's first commercially successful firearm.

1847 Walker

Colt 1847 Walker Replica by Uberti.

The 1847 Walker was Samuel Colt’s first commercially successful revolver, with 1,000 produced.  Firing a .44” caliber ball with 60 grains of black powder, it was a significantly more powerful gun than his first design, the 1837 Paterson.  In fact, it was the most powerful handgun until 1934, when the .357 magnum was released.  This massive gun weighed 4 1/2 lbs and was widely used by the Texas Rangers. 

Caliber - .44” Ball.

Receiver - Steel and Brass.

Action - Single Action, Percussion.

Barrel - 9.0”.  

Grips - Wood.

Capacity - 6 rounds with attached loading lever.

Replica by - Uberti.

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