Beretta 92 FS (M9 Clone)


The Beretta 92FS is the same as Beretta M9 issued to the U.S. Military, except for the slide markings.

Beretta 92FS with the slide safety on.

The Beretta 92FS is the civilian version of the Beretta M9.  The M9 is the pistol chosen to replace the M1911.  It is one of the most widely used pistols in world with the US military, alone, using several hundred thousand.  The action is based upon the Walther P-38, the first widely issued double action service pistol.  The Beretta is also known for its cut away slide which makes feed and ejection issues very rare.  Berretta 92 series of pistols are one of the most accurate and reliable 9x19mm pistols one can buy.

Caliber - 9x19mm.

Barrel - 4.90”.  

Slide - Steel.

Receiver - Alloy.

Action - Double/Single Action, Locking Block.

Grips - Plastic.

Sights - Line & Dot.

Magazines - Typically 15 rd detachable box but 10, 17 and 18 rd are common and 20 and 30 rd are available.

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