1873 Colt Single Action Army Replica by EMF

The Colt 1873 Single Action Army is the iconic old west revolver.

Colt 1873 SAA Artillery Model Replica by EMF.

The Colt black powder revolvers were the primary revolvers in the Old West in the 1850s and 1860s.  However, in the late 1860s cartridge revolvers began to replace percussion revolvers.  In fact, many colt percussions were converted to cartridge revolvers.  However, the Colt revolver designs without a top strap for more strength and rigidity were not well suited to the most powerful cartridges.

In 1873 Colt addressed these deficiencies and created the Single Action Army or SAA, the most iconic handgun in the World.  Known as the “peacemaker”, “hog leg” and the “gun that won the west” it has armed cowboys, gunfighters, and lawmen, both in real life and the movies.  With the SAA it is said “God made all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.”  As of 2020, it is still being produced some 147 years after its debut with over 1,000,000 made.  The .45” Long Colt round was developed for the 1873 SAA and it remains a respectable round to this day.  The gun itself is well balanced and reliable, and has significant firepower with 6 shots .45” Long Colt, 

There have been a multitude of variations of the 1873 SAA with: barrels ranging from 3” to 16”; charcoal blue, deep blue, and nickel finishes; wood, gutta percha, ivory, bone, and pearl grips, and multiple engraving styles and coverages.  It has also been offered in over 30 calibers including:  .45” Long Colt, .44” Special, 44-40, .38-40, .32-30, .38” Special, .357 Magnum, and .22” Rimfire.  

The most common versions had a charcoal blue frame and blued barrel in 7.5”, 5.5” or 4.75”, with black gutta percha grips.  Nickeled guns were also common.  The most popular calibers were .45” Long Colt and 44-40.  The 44-40 chambering allowed the revolver to use the same ammo as Winchester lever action rifles.  There were two common versions for the U.S. Military, the Calvary Model with a 7.5" barrel and the Artillery Model with a cut down 5.5" barrel.  

Like Colt’s black powder revolvers, 1973 SAA’s are extremely collectible with rare versions commanding $50,000 or more.  As with the black powder revolvers, this collectibility has spawned an entire industry of replica manufacturers.  Some, like the EMFs have complete interchangeability with originals, others, like Uberti’s offer almost complete interchangeability, but with a modern and safer hammer design.  Finally, manufacturers, like Ruger, have made guns that look very similar to the Colt’s but different actions.  The example above is an EMF Hartford Artillery model.  It copies the original 5 ½ barreled Artillery model all the way down to the inspectors cartouche on the grip.


Version - EMF Hartford 1873 Colt SAA Artillery Replica

Caliber - .45” Long Colt

Frame - Steel.

Action - Single Action Revolver.

Grips - Wood.

Barrel - 5.5”.

Overall Length - 11.0”.  

Weight - 2.33 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 6 rd Cylinder with under barrel ejector rod.

Sights - Blade and Hammer Notch.

The guns that won the American West.  A Winchester rifle (1894 Carbine) and Colt Single Action Army (Artillery Model).

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