1847 Walker Replica by Uberti

The 1847 Walker by Uberit is an exact replica of Colt's first commercially successful firearm.

Colt 1847 Walker Replica by Uberti.

Samuel Colt invented the modern revolver when he designed the Model 1836 Paterson Revolver.  Though technically advanced for its time it was not a commercial success.  It was however, sold in significant quantities to the Texas Rangers and well liked, though several faults were noted.  

Colt corrected these faults and saw his first commercial success in the 1847 Walker, with 1,000 produced.  Firing a .44” caliber ball with 60 grains of black powder, it was a significantly more powerful gun than his first design, the 1837 Paterson.  In fact, it was the most powerful handgun until 1934, when the .357 magnum was released.  This massive gun weighed 4 1/2 lbs and was widely used by the Texas Rangers. 

Original Colt Walkers are among the most collectible firearms in the world and original Walkers with military or Texas Rangers provenance, will sell for $250,000 and up.  Due the prices of Walkers and other 19th century Colts, an entire industry has arisen dedicated to making replicas of classic Colts.  High quality replicas from Cimarron Arms, and Uberti have finishes that precisely match the originals and parts that would even interchange with the originals.  Some models are even available with artificial aging.  Fortunately, the cost of these replicas rarely approaches $1,000.  So, one can experience what it was like to handle a classic Colt for a fraction of the cost of the original and also, not risk ruining a valuable antique. 


Version - Uberti Colt 1847 Walker Replica.

Caliber - .44” Ball - Black Powder.

Frame - Steel and Brass.

Action - Single Action Percussion Revolver.

Grips - Wood.

Barrel - 9.0”.

Overall Length - 15.5”.  

Weight - 4.5 lbs unloaded.

Magazines - 6 rd Cylinder with under barrel loading lever.

Sights - Blade and Hammer Notch.

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